Show 077 – An Interview with Gary Warzala

by Cigital on Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gary Warzala

On the 77th episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary talks with Gary Warzala, CISO of Visa International. The Garys discuss what a CISO’s day-to-day job looks like, how companies can attract and retain good security employees, whether consumers need to understand the difference between software security and security software, and how one can measure security and discuss the results with upper management.

  • MaceKelly

    I ran across a woman I worked with while I was on a contract at Visa. She was a 13 year career employee layed off. She was ready for retirement anyway. She said Gary and most of the second layer of hot shot managers he brought in are gone. Visa looking for a new CISO. I’ve heard these types of positions usually last around 4 years. After Visa went public some years ago, things had to change and they did, now being a public corporation listed on Wall Street With all the competition, Visa did a few merges and acquisitions, including CyberSource. Poor Visa, they were totally unprepared for such an acquisition and the complex IT integration. Good luck to all the former IT gurus in the CISO shop.

  • MaceKelly

    I had a really bad experience at Visa in Gary’s shop. When a business manager project sponsor was giving me, as the project manager, different data that I was getting from the Citrix engineers, I questioned the project sponsor about the inconsistency. The actually IT engineers had warned me that the business manager didn’t know what he was talking about. This character mentioned to Warzala that I didn’t know what I was doing. Warzala immediately dropped me as the project manager. About a month later, Visa fired this business manager for being drunk on the job. His behavior was obviously that of an alcoholic, but the whole CISO shop was all about a bunch of youngsters pretending they were expert IT gurus. It was chaos, and now they have apparently cleaned house, yet again.