Show 059 – An Interview with Ralph Langner

by rmacmich on Friday, February 25, 2011

Ralph Langner

On the bonus-length 59th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary chats with Ralph Langner, Founder and CEO of Langner Communications. Langer Communications is a German company specializing in control systems security. Ralph was the first to determine that Stuxnet is a directed cybersecurity attack against the kinds of Siemens control systems used to control nuclear centrifuges in Iran. Gary and Ralph discuss what’s involved in introducing the concept of cybersecurity to control systems engineers, how anti-virus vendors originally responded to the Stuxnet, as well as plenty of detailed technical info about the worm with an emphasis on its payload.

  • Gerry

    Outstanding show.
    Why did you say you were “overtime”?
    Is there a limit on how long the shows can go?

    Tremendous shows. Keep up the good work.

  • gem

    Hi Gerry,

    My usual target for Silver Bullet is 25-30 minutes. Some have run longer, but none as long as this 42 minute episode. I chose that show length as a target 5 years ago when we started Silver Bullet.

    The main reason for a time limit is that preparing for a show takes several hours. I write a script with questions before each show, and I get help with research from the IEEE Security & Privacy magazine staff so that I have lots of real data to work with when writing. I hope the quality of the work reflects the effort that we put into it.

    Thanks for your feedback and thanks for listening.


  • Brian Greer

    Although this episode may have gone long, if you will, the content was compelling and very interesting all the way through. I got the feeling that listening to you guys talk about it for another 45 minutes would’ve still been top quality.

  • Ted

    Hi – is a transcript available of this great show?

  • gem

    hi ted,

    We will definitely get a partial transcript published in IEEE Security & Privacy magazine soon. I will post a pointer here when it is available. And we will post the pdf on the website as we always do once the interviews department is published.

    I will also make sure that we get a full transcript available shortly thereafter.