Security Engineering Described with Ross Anderson

by rmacmich on Friday, April 13, 2007

Ross Anderson

On the 13th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary chats with Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering at the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University and author of the book Security Engineering. Gary and Ross discuss the effect of posting his excellent book on the net for free, the simple reasons why most systems fail, the economic imbalance between engineers/developers and a system’s users (with respect to who should address security), and why publicly describing attacks is essential to security engineering. They close out by examining the security implications of wearing a kilt.

  • Kevin Wall

    Just listened to the Ross Anderson podcast. One of Ross’s
    comments made me realize one thing that I hadn’t previously
    thought about.

    I never realized that the MITM attacks against RFIDs in
    NFC-enabled cell phones was going to help reduce violent
    crime (i.e., muggings). I’ll bet the phone companies
    haven’t thought of spinning that angle yet. 😉

    And that picture of Ross in the kilt playing bagpipes in
    the streets…he must be a brave man to put that up on
    his own web site. Guess he figures there’s less chance
    at extortion if he does it first. He needs to add a bit
    of background bagpipe music to it though.


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