Show 109 – An Interview with Bart Preneel

On the 109th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary is joined by Bart Preneel. Bart is a full professor at the KU Leuven, one of the oldest universities in the world. Gary and Bart discuss the differences in approaches to security between the EU and the US, what the picture of building security… Read More

Show 108 – An Interview with Katie Moussouris

In the 108th episode of the Silver Bullet Security podcast, Gary talks with Katie Moussouris, Chief Policy Officer of HackerOne. Gary and Katie discuss her first program (a piece of interactive fiction in the Choose Your Own Adventure category written in Basic), bug bounty programs, how financial services and healthcare firms might approach vulnerability management,… Read More

Show 107 – An Interview with Jean Camp

L. Jean Camp is a Professor at the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing. Gary and Jean discuss usability and security, whether users’ implicit expectations of security and privacy are enough to move the mobile market, and “old people” and security. They close out their discussion with the most surprising hangover cure and Jean’s… Read More

Show 106 – An Interview with Steve Katz

Steve Katz is owner and founder of Security Risk Solutions and the “world’s first CISO.” Gary and Steve discuss the history and evolution of the CISO position, the difficulty of measuring risk in a realistic fashion, how to allocate resources between proactive security engineering and standard network security, triage, and incident response, what it means… Read More

The History of Public Key Cryptography with Whitfield Diffie

On the 105th episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary talks with the legendary Whitfield Diffie, a pioneer of public-key cryptography. Gary and Whitfield discuss the history of public key cryptography, Diffie’s work on the “proof of correctness of programs,” and if backdoors into crypto systems are a bad idea. They close out by… Read More

Show 104 – An Interview with Rick Gordon

On the 104th episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary chats with Rick Gordon, Managing Partner at MACH37. Gary and Rick discuss Rick’s time in the Navy and what it taught him about security, Rick’s lessons learned from his time as CEO of Tovaris, whether the government outside of DARPA understands security engineering, and… Read More

Show 103 – An Interview with Brian Krebs

On the 103rd episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary talks with Brian Krebs, reporter and blogger at Krebs on Security. Gary and Brian discuss how growing up with a computer affected their future careers in security, MUD vs MAD, why “old media” can’t support in-depth security reporting, and why the government continues to… Read More

Show 102 – An Interview with Richard Danzig

On the 102nd episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary chats with Richard Danzig, one time Secretary of the Navy and Board member of the Center for New American Security (among several other things). Gary and Richard discuss Richard’s time at the Department of Defense, what he learned when running the US Navy that… Read More

Software Security with the Founders of the Center for Secure Design

On the 101st episode of the Silver Bullet Security Podcast, Gary talks with Jim Del Grosso (Cigital), Yoshi Kohno (University of Washington), and Christoph Kern (Google) in a roundtable devoted to the new IEEE Center for Secure Design. The participants discuss the origin of the Center, why design flaws are more difficult to fix than… Read More

The State of Software Security with Cigital’s Principals

After 100 months in a row (over 8 years), the Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw hits its landmark 100th episode. In this episode Gary talks live on video with Cigital’s Principals: John Steven, Scott Matsumoto, Paco Hope, Jim DelGrosso and Sammy Migues. The group discusses the state of software security and how its… Read More

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