A Proactive Approach to Application Security

Whether you are starting your first testing initiative or managing a security program at scale, a proactive approach to application security reduces risk and keeps your business on track. Cigital helps you build security into your applications, development process, and business culture. Our services can support you at every stage of your security program.

  • Application Security Testing – Automated, manual and dynamic testing for web and mobile applications. Our 3D application security testing subscription service model lets you test as much as you need with predictable costs.
  • Penetration Testing – We take the perspective of a hacker to uncover vulnerabilities before they put your business at risk. A thorough examination includes application pen testing, network pen testing, and red teaming.
  • Secure Development and Code Review (Static Analysis) – Secure code review, static analysis tool deployment, and malicious code detection. Identify defects, bugs and flaws and fix them without having to execute your applications in a live environment.
  • Architecture Analysis and Design – Secure architecture survey, threat modeling and architecture risk analysis. Identify security issues early to avoid firedrills and launch delays and decrease costs.
  • Mobile Application Security – Protect your mobile applications from emerging threats, with testing and secure design customized to address mobile risks.
  • Software Security Practices – A framework for scalable, measurable success. Create alignment across your organization and throughout your software development supply chain.
  • Training – Instructor-led and e-learning training courses. Raise the skills of everyone involved in application security for consistent knowledge and compliance across your extended team.
However your business manages application security, we can help

Our comprehensive security approach makes sure you can find, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities.

We can fully manage your application security program or back your team during times of need. A subscription to our 3D testing service lets you test at any volume, frequency and depth, with specialized resources available for custom testing and strategic advice.