Cigital products help teams build secure software.

Cigital Secure AssistFor Developers

SecureAssist helps you find and fix security problems as you write code; an agile approach to software security.

Cigital Secure AssistFor Security Teams

Enterprise Security Portal (ESP) provides complete security testing coverage for teams using Fortify or AppScan.

Cigital Secure AssistFor Your Entire Organization

Our BuildSecure eLibrary delivers comprehensive training company-wide in all the most important and current software security issues

Software Security; everyone’s responsibility
“I’ve got 2 security guys and 1000 internet-facing apps!”

It’s difficult to find great software security professionals today, and those organizations who have them are surely keeping them working to the maximum. So it’s important to empower other participants in the software development life cycle to think about security. By training developers and the QA team about the majority of basic software security risks, they can build security in – leaving the security experts to focus on the really tough issues.

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