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Standard versus Proprietary Security Protocols

Standard Security Protocols An encyclopedia defines a security protocol as “a sequence of operations that ensure protection of data. Used with an underlying communication protocol, it provides secure delivery of data between two parties.” We…

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Cordova InAppBrowser Remote Privilege Escalation

Earlier this year, I identified an interesting vulnerability (CVE-2014-0073) in one of Apache Cordova’s core plug-ins (InAppBrowser). Cordova, also sometimes referred to as PhoneGap, is a popular cross-platform mobile framework that allows developers to write…

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Recent Fixes in IBMSecureRandom

I’ve written about several SecureRandom implementations in the past. While analyzing the default SecureRandom implementation in IBM JCE (v1.7) on *nix, I came across several weaknesses. IBM recently released a patch to fix the issues.…

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TweetDeck Goes Down Due to XSS

Earlier today a 19-year-old Austrian programmer realized using “&hearts” makes a “♥” symbol in the coding language HTML used on the web. This discovery made it possible to insert program commands via tweet. A security…

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