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Why You Fix Logjam Later

Post written by Paco Hope, Principal Consultant & John Kazyrakis, Senior Consultant The Internet is buzzing with talk of “Logjam”, a vulnerability in Diffie-Helman key exchange that allows us to downgrade the cryptography on a…

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Reflections from RSA 2015

Post written by Jim Ivers, VP of Marketing The 2015 RSA Conference was held April 19-24 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I’ve been attending RSA Conferences since 2005, as an attendee and an…

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Why Software Security Fire Drills are Necessary

It takes as little as 96 minutes for a hacker to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in a company’s software system. Yet companies are constantly discovering vulnerabilities in their systems which not only open their business…

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The Next Generation of Application Security

As time progresses, technology adapts to the new age. The most recent display of this evolution is through the ever growing “Internet of Things” (IOT)  where every day items like toasters, toilets, and TVs are…

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