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5 Security New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2015! With the dawn of the New Year we are betting you have made some resolutions, like losing weight, getting a promotion, or finally taking the two minutes to delete the unwanted U2 album…

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Making Strides in Medical Device Security

Medical device security is hard and there is no denying that most medical devices, especially those connected to the internet, lack adequate security controls. As Dr. Gary McGraw and I discussed in our Search Security…

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The Split Views on the 30-Day Data Breach Law

This week there has been much conversation around President Obama’s prosed law calling for organizations to publically disclose breaches within a 30-day window. With 47 different laws on the books this would provide uniformity across…

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Cigital Acquires iViZ Security

Cigital Acquires Security Testing-as-a-Service Provider iViZ Security Cigital leverages iViZ capacity to introduce 3D Unlimited Application Testing Dulles, VA, October 28, 2014 — Cigital, Inc., the world leader in software security services and solutions, today…

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