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The Three Laws of Robots.txt

Post written by Aladdin Elston, Consultant. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm In this blog post I will discuss how the robots.txt…

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The Next Generation of Application Security

As time progresses, technology adapts to the new age. The most recent display of this evolution is through the ever growing “Internet of Things” (IOT)  where every day items like toasters, toilets, and TVs are…

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The Correct Way to Handle Risk Management

In his latest SearchSecurity article, Gary McGraw discusses simple guidelines behind attacking risk management, including prioritizing the risks, the amount of risks that can lead to a bigger issue, and the overall practices to make…

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Cigital Acquires iViZ Security

Cigital Acquires Security Testing-as-a-Service Provider iViZ Security Cigital leverages iViZ capacity to introduce 3D Unlimited Application Testing Dulles, VA, October 28, 2014 — Cigital, Inc., the world leader in software security services and solutions, today…

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