Software Security 2008

by gem on Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the past three years, I have collected and published revenue numbers from tools and services in the software security space. Here are pointers to the three resulting articles, including this year’s NEW article (for 2008):

Before some observations, here is a pretty picture showing growth over time, divided among tools, services, and pizza boxes. Cigital remains the largest independent software security services company. For more details, see my informIT report.

Software Security Space Revenue graph

Probably the most important development in 2008 is that the space as a whole is nearing a very important $500M threshold. At this level of business activity, the technology analysts start to take a big interest. This creates a feedback loop of sorts as the middle market engages. Some evidence of this effect:

Other analysts of note include:

  • Ramon Krikken from Burton Group
  • Charles Kolodgy from IDC
  • Nigel Stanley from Bloor Research

I will continue to track growth and development of software security over time, but I am very pleased that the analysts are pitching in. As software security matures and the middle market emerges, we will start to have an important impact on the rest of computer security.

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