About Us

Cigital, Inc. headquartered in Dulles, Virginia (just outside of Washington, D.C.), is the world’s largest consulting firm specializing in software security and is the global leader in helping organizations design, build, and maintain secure software. Our unique expertise, product technologies, and training services are a culmination of over twenty years of research and thousands of successful software security consulting engagements at leading public and private organizations throughout the world.

We provide a comprehensive range of software security services including consulting, training in both instructor-led and eLearning, mobile application security, and cloud services aimed at addressing the potential security risks associated with third-party or outsourced software. Whether it’s a simple penetration test or deploying an end-to-end software security program, our expert consultants have both the depth of knowledge and breadth of real-world experience to understand the risks and challenges our clients face each day.

Cigital was established in 1992 with funding and contracts from DARPA and NASA.  The creation of Cigital Labs Research in the mid 1990’s resulted in some of the most important advancements in software security including the development of the first ever commercial Static Analysis tool, ITS4.  The technology in this product was eventually licensed to Kleiner Perkins and used as the basis for the creation of Fortify Software in 1999. Fortify went on to become the global leader in  the Static Analysis tool marketplace and was sold to Hewlett Packard in 2010.  Cigital Labs has been awarded 8 different patents in areas dealing with software security. 

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